Nirvana Oceanquest

Meet The Team

Walid Boudhiaf


Walid Boudhiaf, is one of the world's deepest freedivers, having reached a depth of -120m in training and -116m in competition both achieved in the discipline of free immersion. He's been organizing the Nirvana Oceanquest for 4 successive years with the goal of creating a safe and friendly atmosphere where all participants can redefine their own limits.

Christopher James McKay

Chief of Security

Chris is an Australian freediver. Vastly experienced as both an instructor and safety diver, Chris has been teaching under Apnea Total since 2012 and has a PB of 70m. He is an Advanced Lifeguard, Wilderness First Aid, Swift Water Rescue, CPR Instructor, Prehospital Trauma Care, Road Crash Rescue, Single/Twin Rope Rescue... (among others) apart of being a natural leader. Chris is based in Tulum where he teaches freediving.

Jose Blanco


Our medic Jose, is an experienced MD in the field of emergency medical services and emergency Airway Management, as well as Advanced Cardiac Life Support. (American Health Association). Jose has been in charge of the medical aspects of 3 major freediving events. He is used to work under stress in emergency situations, and is well versed in lung related injuries in freediving.

Carla Hanson


President of AIDA international and experienced A judge.

Jaime Moreno


Highly experienced judge and freediving instructor

Belén De La Vega

Assistant Judge


Carlos Ancalmo

Platform Coordinator

Carlos is an experienced freediver and a Crossfit trainer. He runs his own specialized gym in San Salvador. Rigorous and methodic, he will be in charge of managing the workspace on the platform.

Augusto Pessio

Logistics Coordinator and Captain


Andres Vanegas


Andres is the former Colombian record holder in the discipline of no-fins constant weight. He is also a swimming instructor and has a strong breath hold, which allows him to perform long hangs at depth.

Juan Pablo Blanco


Juan Pablo is a strong freediver and he specializes in CWT with bifins, having no issue doing repetitive dives to 40m with little recovery.

Peter Muñoz


Peter is a fit, well-trained freediver. His favorite drill is to perform deep hangs at +40m and has already participated in 2 former editions of our event.

León Dario Montoya


Leo has been training with us from the beginnings and has a large experience safetying fellow freedivers. He also holds several records in weight lifting and works as a nutritionist and personal trainer.

Laura Babahekian


Laura is the author of the amazing pictures taken during the two last editions of Nirvana Oceanquest. She will be assisted by a team of videographer in and out of the water.

Ginnet de la Rosa


Therapeutic massages. With low frequency currents (tens) to alleviate spasms or contractures. The therapy is done to eliminate accumulated or residual lactic acid, combined with passive stretching. We also have the possibility to implement thermotherapy.

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