Nirvana Oceanquest

Safety Protocol

We will be implementing all the new safety procedures, including monitoring of vitals for all athletes after competition dives.

We will have our own medical equipment on the platform at all time, from training day 1.

Platform equipment

  • Counter ballast
  • deep sonar
  • VHF radio
  • Contact phones for: hospital, coastguards, Colombian Navy, Port Captaincy.

Medical personnel and equipment

Our medic Jose, is an experienced MD in the field of emergency medical services and emergency Airway Management, as well as Advanced Cardiac Life Support. (American Health Association). Jose has been in charge of the medical aspects of 3 major freediving events.

We will have our own medical equipment on the platform at all time, from training day 1:

  • O2 demand reg
  • O2 dial flow reg
  • DAN bag with O2 flow reg
  • DECO O2
  • portable suction machine
  • trauma sheers
  • NPA nasal pharyngeal airway
  • OPA oral pharyngeal airway
  • AED
  • CPAP mask
  • O2 sat monitor
  • backboard
  • Advanced airway: Laryngeal Mask Airway
  • Laryngoscope
  • Endotracheal tubes.

O2 available at all time for free (for deep dives and/or barotraumas)

Emergency and evacuation plan

Evacuation plan: Fast boat (Red Cross) / ambulance on stand-by (15min to hospital equipped with hyperbaric chamber).

CREPAD plan for accidents management, involving all the governmental entities of the island, deployed during the whole competition week.

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