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Freediving Courses

Use your time in the island to bring your freediving skills to the next level! This year our school will be offering AIDA and PADI courses, from beginner to instructor levels, before and after the competition.

AIDA Instructor Course


7 Days (May 10-17)

This is an intense course with the highest standards and including the most up-to-date teaching skills for classroom, pool and open water sessions. In this course, you will learn how to teach freediving to beginners as well as advanced freedivers, you will work on your technique and capacities as a role model for your future students and most important, you will learn how to ensure a safe learning environment for your students.

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AIDA * Discover Freediving


1 Day

In this course, we will experience a first insight in the submarine world and discover the basics of breath hold diving, such as physiology, correct breathing and relaxation. You will discover the best way to start this passion, through the practical in-water sessions, making emphasis on safety and relaxation.

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AIDA ** Open Water Freediver


3 Days

This course is for confident snorkelers and divers who already have experience in the water and are willing to learn the basic theory and techniques behind breath hold diving in the 3 disciplines: static, dynamic and constant weight.

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AIDA *** Intermediate Freediver


3 Days

This intermediate course is directed to freedivers who want to improve their breath hold capacity through more advanced techniques in order to dive better and safer.

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AIDA **** Instructor Assistant Freediver


4 Days

If your are willing to go beyond recreational level, this is an advance course that will teach you deep equalization techniques and methods of training and staying fit for competitive freediving. You will also acquire the level required to be an assistant instructor.

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We also offer PADI Freediving courses from beginner to advanced levels. For more information and available dates for the courses please contact us at