Nirvana Oceanquest 2018

May 3 - 9  •  San Andrés Island, Colombia

Early bird discount: first 15 athletes to register save $100!

Nirvana Oceanquest is an international freediving depth contest that gathers freedivers from all over world around a unique spot: Nirvana sea Cliff off the coast of San Andres Island, Colombia.

This is a perfect place for sharing nice and intense moments in the water, learn and practice, as well as enjoying the beauty of this tropical island.

  • World record status
  • Free O2 (DECO / barotraumas)
  • Dyneema very low stretch 12mm rope
  • Underwater deep filming
  • Training available with all medical gear (From March 1st on)

San Andrés Island

San Andrés is one of the two principal islands of San Andrés and Providence archipelago. It is located 200km east of Nicaragua although it belongs to Colombia.

Covered in coconut palms, San Andrés, the largest island in the archipelago, is indeed paradisiacal Caribbean, the sea surrounding the area is known by Colombians as the "Mar de Siete Colores" (seven-coloured sea) due to the variations of depth.

Gustavo Rojas Pinilla international airport (IATA: ADZ) is the main airport in the archipelago, it has direct connections with Colombia's and Panama's largest airports (Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Cartagena, Barranquilla and Panama City).

Nirvana Sea Cliff

On the western side of the island, Nirvana sea cliff offers ideal conditions for freedivers


Water temperature


No Current


Access to depth from shore


Great visibility

Safety First

We will be implementing all the new safety procedures, including monitoring of vitals for all athletes after competition dives.

We will have our own medical gear on the platform at all time, from training day 1.

O2 available at all time for free (for deep dives and/or barotraumas).

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Alejandro Lemus


Alessia Zecchini


Carlos Sevillano


Jens Stoetzner


John Muñoz


Juan Manuel Villegas


Lin Lan Lien


Mingchun Huang


Ricardo Montans


Rodrigo Pichún


Sam Tucker


Walid Boudhiaf



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